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About Alva

Alva was founded to meet the growing global energy demand with renewable technologies. We develop high-performance electric generators for production of clean energy and high-efficiency electric motors to convert this energy to motion. Our aim is to accelerate the worlds transition to green energy by making affordable customized electrical machines available to everyone.

Established in 2016, Alva has grown to more than ten people with a reliable funding and an ingenious and patented production technology for ironless/slotless motors with proven superiority over conventional alternatives. FiberPrinting™ enables automatic, flexible and scalable production of electric motors and generators with superior performance over conventional alternatives for a wide range of applications, reflecting our true purpose. We do not just enhance electric motors and generators. We enhance electric cars, ships and airplanes, UAVs, medical equipment, robots, satellites and so much more. We enhance the world.

We are engaged in several major development projects within unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's), propulsion systems, actuators and small wind turbines, and are targeting applications within the defence, aerospace and automotive industry. As part of entering the commercialisation phase we are expanding our team to include several new positions, including a Production & Supply Chain Manager that will be the main responsible for industrialising our technology.

The position

We are looking for a professional with extensive experience within management and development of production system and supply-chain to fill the position of Production & Supply Chain Manager. You will have the responsibility to source and handle the necessary external resources for series-production of products based on Alva's stator technology. You will also be responsible for the setup of the operational systems and management of our internal production of stators.

The position will be highly versatile in the short-term, you will own the responsibility of all the procurement, supply-chain and production-setup related activities in the beginning. As Alva grows the position will become more specialised according to Alva's needs, your skillset and interests, and with a higher managerial focus.

We expect you to have thorough theoretical knowledge of both production system and supply-chain management combined with years of experience within both fields. You are expected to have experience of development of either a production unit or supply-chain from an early stage and experience of continuous management of a production unit or supply-chain.

You will work jointly with both your internal team-members and our external partners to transform current low-rate prototype production process into high-rate series-production process. You need to be technically strong to understand both our core production technology and product technology to assure high quality levels and conformance to specifications.

You will hold a major part of the responsibility of transforming current Alva technology into series-produced commercial products and build robust production capacity. This will allow us to launch into a industrialisation and commercialisation phase and continuously deliver a high level of customer value. You are expected to possess, or develop on your own initiative, the necessary skills and capabilities to succeed within your responsibility.

You will become a member of highly dedicated and committed startup that values teamwork, continuous personal development, a fast technical development pace, open and precise communication and a professional work environment with room for recreational activities.


Short term:
  • Handle general purchasing process
  • Sourcing and verification of prototype suppliers
  • Procurement from prototype suppliers
  • Source and testing of suppliers for series-production
  • Build relationships between Alva and production partners
  • Procurement from production partners
  • Select, build and implement necessary tools and systems for procurement process and supply-chain management
  • Cost estimations and cost models of series produced Alva products
  • Build and handle quality control process of prototype and series produced components
  • Act as an production system expert to guide our production R&D strategy
Long term:
  • Build and maintain supply chain for electric machine series-production and production equipment
  • Continuous improvement of supply chain, including verification and quality control of suppliers
  • Operations management of all internal series-production processes


  • Higher education - Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing, Production & Industrial Management or Operations Management and/or equivalent experience or evidence of exceptional ability. Master’s preferred.
  • Experience -Extensive experience of building and/or managing supply chain or production unit for hardware products
  • Analytical -You have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Decision making/Objective -You will have key position for driving Alva forward, so you need to be objective in your decision making, you need take decision in the appropriate amount of time, neither indecisive nor a hip shooter
  • Organised -You have strong organisational, administrative and operational skills
  • Conscientious -You enjoy performing work thoroughly and until completion
  • Focused-You can sustain focus in a fast-moving work environment
  • Handle complexity - You are able to solve complex problems and progress several projects in parallel
  • Strategic skills -You will be highly influential in the decision of partnerships and production/supply-chain strategies
  • Process oriented -You are able to turn reoccurring work into effective processes that require low maintenance
  • High work capacity –As the Production and Supply Chain Manager, some periods will contain high workloads
  • Motivated to improve –Ability to frequently evaluate your own performance, welcome criticism and reflect on your own reactions and thoughts.
  • Natural or latent leader skills -Ability to lead and develop people and teams as a safe, empathic and motivating leader.
  • Strong negotiation skills -You will be responsible for negotiation of supplier contracts
  • Software skills -Proficient in software tools for supply chain management, e.g. excel and ERP/SRM-systems
  • Communication -Fluent in English
Preferred requirements, but not necessary:
  • Experience with electric motor technology, markets and applications
  • Existing supplier network for electric machine components
  • Speaks and writes fluent Norwegian

Life at Alva

Do you want to pursue a meaningful vision together with a diverse and capable group of people, with the freedom to perform your work according to your personal preference?

You will become a part of a tight-knit and diverse group of highly motivated and skilled people with the ambition and desire to enhance products, change industries, and improve the quality of life for people all over the world.

We are a young company and we move fast. You will therefore enjoy the freedom of delivering the needed results in the way you see most suitable and you will have opportunity to choose your career path as the company grows.

Aside from an intriguing opportunity and a welcoming work environment, we offer competitive salary and stock options.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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Anton Franzén

+47 969 43 427