EY received over 120 applicants to their student event
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EY received over 120 applicants to their student event - Poption simplified the registration process

"Poption made it easy to identify the most talented and relevant candidates for our event, Journey 2019. Among more than 120 applicants, we invited 28 students, which we would describe as agents of change, data scientists, problem-solvers, number-crunchers, and bot-builders of the future. Talk about potential future employees! "

Kristin Aamold
Recruiter, Nordic Talent Team in EY

The trip to Helsinki was a great success - here you can see the lucky 28
The trip to Helsinki was a great success - here you can see the lucky 28

EY is Norway's largest audit and consulting firm. The company works towards one shared vision - to create a more functional world - not only for their clients but also their employees. To accomplish this, EY requires the most talented and motivated candidates with the potential to create value for EY long term. Therefore, EY goes to great lengths to attract the most capable and outstanding individuals with the right amount of courage and enthusiasm to meet their client's needs.

A smarter registration process with Poption

An essential part of EY's recruitment activities is the Journey-trip. It's held every year for those students who wish to learn more about EY and the career opportunities they offer. This year, Journey 2019 was held in Helsinki and included workshops, case-solving, lectures as well as social activities. "An event like Journey is an excellent opportunity for the students to get an understanding of how we work and what a career in EY entails. For us, it's a nice way to get to know the students beyond their skills and abilities on paper," Kristin says.

The event included workshops, case solving, lectures, and social activities.
The event included workshops, case solving, lectures, and social activities.

For the Journey-trip to be successful, the right candidates must be identified in the selection process. "Inviting candidates who are just looking for a weekend-trip, without being genuinely interested in the career opportunities we as a firm can offer, is not valuable for the students nor us. We are therefore dependent on having reliable procedures with regards to applications and the processing of these", Kristin points out. The use of ordinary Google-forms or e-mail to register candidates is often too chaotic and requires a lot of manual, time-consuming tasks. For this year's Journey-trip, EY used Poption to administer the whole registration process. As a result, they had in a short matter of time over 120 applications.

"The whole process became more efficient with Poption - from listing the event and receiving applications, to sending out personalized confirmations and handling rejections."

"By having all the applications in a single system, where several employees in the recruitment procedure have access, the process is now more organized and less time-consuming. Poption ensures we have the relevant information in place. As a result, the screening of job applicants is uncomplicated, making it significantly easier to identify the right candidates," Kristin elaborates.

Kristin Aamold
Kristin Aamold, Recruiter, Nordic Talent Team in EY

Journey 2019 was held 11-14th of August. For the 28 students who attended, the trip was highly successful both on a social and professional level. For Kristin, it's vital to get the most out of every employer-branding and recruitment measure, emphasizing that, "even though we couldn't invite all of the competent candidates, Poption made it possible for us to identify candidates who may be relevant in the future easily."