Vipps hired 5 students with Poption - each candidate identified before they applied

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Vipps hired 5 students with Poption - each candidate identified before they applied

"Poption gives us valuable information about great people we meet at career fairs, even before they've applied for a job. This opens up a whole set of new opportunities in our recruitment!"

Sigrid Jervell Våg
Vipps enthusiast and responsible for Employer Branding in Vipps

Sigrid Jervell Våg
Sigrid Jervell Våg, Vipps enthusiast and responsible for Employer Branding in Vipps

In 2015, Vipps took Norway by storm and quickly became the leading company within smart-payment. As Norway's largest fin-tech-company, dealing with and implementing all kinds of payment and identification methods, they are dependent on having highly driven coworkers, who have a passion for technology and who can contribute positively to their business culture.

Vipps is growing rapidly, and they are recruiting at high velocity

One of the recruitment channels Vipps use to make themselves visible and meet potential candidates suited to them - is through career fairs. Vipps discovered they could get more out of these events if they incorporated it more strategically in their recruitment process.

"To properly follow up on the candidates we met at career fairs, we needed a common platform where all relevant information could be collected. It became the main reason we wanted to use Poption," Sigrid says. Today, Vipps uses Poption actively in its recruitment process to find, sort, and contact relevant candidates.

Vipps’ 2019 summer interns (Photo: Mats Ekern)
Vipps’ 2019 summer interns (Photo: Mats Ekern)

Poption increases the value of attending career fairs

Many of the people you meet at career fairs are young students, but also potential future employees. Without a system to detect these candidates, companies usually recommend the students to reach out again in a few years. However, as a consequence, you risk losing relevant candidates to competitors. "With Poption, we can easily keep in touch with the students we meet at career fairs which are suitable for employment in the future," Sigrid points out.

"I talked to several relevant candidates at itDAGENE at NTNU last year, and through Poption, we could follow up with the students via both email and phone after the event. In that way, the recruitment became more personal even with as much as 172 registrations. All of the students we contacted applied, and we ended up hiring five of them!"

Vipps currently have a pool of several hundred candidates who might be relevant for next year's summer internships. "With Poption, we are now using channels which previously was only used for employer branding more proactively in our recruitment as well. That alone has made it easier for us to recruit," Sigrid concludes.

Do as Vipps – get relevant candidates before they apply for a job!

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