Poption Event - Build a talent community of students and recent graduates
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Poption Event

Build a talent community of
students and recent graduates

Poption Event is a tool to connect and build relations with candidates from recruiting events.

How it works

Utilize existing channels to capture talent.

Recruit proactively by connecting with all candidates – not just the job applicants.

Signup form

Receive registrations from candidates

Connect with relevant candidates from career fairs, digital events, and your career page.

Communicate and build relations with the community

Use filters, segments, and personalized emails to keep the candidates warm.

Convert the candidates to your new colleagues

Save time and money buy hiring candidates directly from your own talent community.

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"Poption gives us valuable information about great people we meet at career fairs, even before they've applied for a job. This opens up a whole set of new opportunities in our recruitment!"

Sigrid Jervell Våg
Vipps enthusiast and responsible for Employer Branding in Vipps
Event results

Get measurable results
from events.

Discover where you meet the most relevant candidates, rather than measuring success with «Well, I talked to a lot of students».

Detailed stats of registered candidates

Compare previous events

Suggestions for new events


Personalized and automatic
candidate follow-up.

Create great candidate experiences with personalized emails and automated follow-ups.

Segment candidates with filters and tags

Personalized bulk emailing

Rule-based automated emails

Poption Event as pre-ATS

While an ATS covers applications, Poption Event makes it easier to get more and better applicants.

Unlock the potential of existing channels.

Gather all relevant candidates in one place – regardless of the input channel. With Poption, candidates can register on:

Career fairs and company presentations

Digital events

Career page

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Hire directly from your talent community.

Detailed candidate profiles makes it easy to find, evaluate, and hire candidates that you've previously been in contact with.

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Preferred by 50+ organizations and 1,000+ employers, from start-ups to enterprise across the Nordics 🚀


"Poption makes it easy to identify the best talent for our recruitment events."

Kristin Aamold
Recruiter, Nordic Talent Team
Sprint Consulting

"During the hectic recruiting period in the fall, I wouldn't manage to keep my head above water without Poption."

Marita Sollien
The Boston Consulting Group
Bain & Company
NoA Ignite
Askeladden & Co
Sprint Consulting

Streamline your recruitment workflow.

Remove manual processes by gathering all candidates, applicants, and colleagues in one easy-to-use system.

Signup forms during events

Let candidates register at campus events such as career fairs and company presentations.

Collaboration between employees

Define areas of responsibility with a customized permission system, tags and teams.

Pre-registration for events

Easy event registration for candidates, with screening and participant follow-up after the event.

Privacy and GDPR in focus

Poption ensures correct handling of personal data according to the GDPR regulations.